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Light Tower

Light Tower


​​​​​​​Light Towers

Our reliable light towers are available in a variety of capacities including:

Our light towers are designed for any environment and feature:

Full tubular steel frame trailer
30 ft all steel mast
4 - 1,000 watt metal halide lights
4 stroke diesel engine




We offer a variety of manlifts equipped with four-wheel drive to offer maximum control and stability.
40 - 200 feet




We offer a variety of forklifts to assist you with the best equipment based on specific rig conditions and the terrain of your worksite.

Extend-a-reach forklifts:

8,000 - 10,000 pounds 4 x 4

Articulated forklifts:

8,000 - 12,000 pounds 4 x 4​

4" Transfer Pumps

Transfer Pump

 4" Transfer Pump

We offer fluid transfer pumps to effectively carry fluids from one position to another.

These high volume pumps are ideal for dewatering jobs. Debris easily passes through the pump, preventing loss of productivity due to clogging. They can also be taken apart for immediate clean-out in the field. Selected features include:

Move up to 400 gallons of water per minute

Quick clean out port and easy maintenance features

Handle solids up to 2" in diameter





Our trailer-mounted, diesel-powered generators come in a range of capacities including:

15 - 150 kW




With our strong team, we provide superior service to every customer. We use quality supplies and the latest technology to ensure our customers receive the best service possible. Our units are safe, sanitary and affordable.

All port-a-johns include:

anti-freeze hand sanitizers

non-formaldehyde, non-nauseous and environment friendly deodorizers

automatic weekly or bi-weekly service including a complete interior wash, new deodorizer and replenished toilet tissues

Wheelchair accessible port-a-johns are very spacious and compliant with industry regulations. They include:

largest tank available

non-slip floor

three roll paper holder